Through Childhood

The adventure of childhood is a phase of my life I will never forget, but never understand. Whilst studying child behaviour and psychology can enable adults to understand the underlying motivations of a child, it will never capture their world and grasp their feelings and expressions.Transitioning into the adult world, this work represents my last glance into childhood. The absence of interpretations, judgements, and self-reflexivity are I believe what make the young age particular. Becoming adult is trying to give meaning, a reason, a purpose to everything there is around us. The adult world however, is not disconected to the child’s one. The relationship between an adult and a chiild, and most particularly parent-child interconnections, are a core element of childhood.

This project is giving meaning to childhood, creating my interpretation, and by my own definition, drives me away towards the adult life.


Two years ago, while walking through the streets of Milan, I randomly took the photograph below. For me, it did not represent anything at the time, but it appealed to me. There was something powerful about not seeing the face of the child but at the same time feeling the amusement, the drive... 


Today, I explore the concept of childhood, and its relashionship to the rest of the worlds.